Al MANARA set a Benchmark in Pharmacy Retail

with the opening of Its First Branch in 1988.

In the late 80’s, the concept of walking through the aisles of a pharmacy and interacting with products up close was foreign to the residents of Abu Dhabi. Al Manara set a benchmark in pharmacy retail with the opening of its first branch in 1988.

This new concept of allowing the customer to walk freely through the aisles and scrutinize products they were interested in before purchasing them soon became very popular, as it was much more desirable than the standard over-the-counter method of sales. Al Manara grew from success to success and opened several more branches, including the then largest pharmacy in 1999. This branch of Al Manara is still located in Al Ain Mall and was officially the largest in the UAE at the time of its opening in terms of total area and product mix.

Al Manara’s innovative approach to “lifestyle maintenance” is what sets them apart, and with each passing milestone, the brand expands itself and continuously improves its service offering. A few classic examples of such would be the simplistic and aesthetic Italian-designed interiors, the state of the art IT system, which was developed in-house and is now adopted by almost 300 pharmacies in UAE simply because of its ease of use, and even the fact that Al Manara was the pioneer in introducing consultation and treatment rooms within pharmacies, once again a hugely successful concept.

Till date, Al Manara is open to new ideas and constantly looks at improving services to intensify the feeling of wellbeing. These milestones have led the brand to become one of the most trusted and dependable pharmacy retail chains in the country.

The group comprises of four major divisions, which are all interlinked and support each other in various dynamics. Each division is an entity in itself and an independent brand, but overall managed by a team of qualified experts with international experience in the field of business and healthcare.

Organization Flowchart

Activites and Events




Warehousing and Distributtion

  • Well equipped with adequate stocking facilities
  • Follows the FIFO system
  • Well-guarded to counter pilferage, fire and other mishaps
  • Convenient location and well connected to major roadways to ensure quick delivery
  • Capable of handling growth and expansion effectively and smoothly
  • Full Fledged temperature-controlled state of the art storage facility to ensure uninterrupted supply.
  • Enough buffer stocks to take care of market emergencies.
  • Logistic experts cater to the needs of the remotest parts of the country.


Our quality, dedication and exceptional standards of customer service have been routinely awarded and recognized by the community. These accolades are a symbol of our commitment to our customers.